Friday, January 13, 2012

World Domination at Last!

My book Just Go, Go, Go! is available on lots of Amazons around the world. Wherever you are, you can be sure of being just a few days away from my great wisdom, delivered by a man in shorts carrying a big bag (mailman). In years gone by when my granny was young she had to walk to a book emporium to buy  such distilled wisdom (or steal it, as her diaries have revealed!!!!).

Anyway you can buy my book in print (in high calorific paper to assist burning), or as a Kindle file to enable you to stare at yet another screen, as if your life was not screen-based enough already. You can buy the book through these links at:
Why not buy multiple copies for friends and family - even your enemies! My co-author and personal guru Andrew Freeland will visit you personally to sign each copy (if you pay for flights and accommodation).

Anyway, don't delay buy my book and start to change the rest of your life. Your life will be divided into BAW (before Alec Wonder) and AAW (after Alec Wonder). I promise you a jolly good read and food for thought, to digest carefully and savour, tantalising your corporate taste buds and dwelling on the tongue of management before plunging into the bowels of business. What a joy!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just Go, Go, Go! and Buy My Book!

Amazing. Technology is a wonderful thing. It is the best thing on earth, apart from maybe dolphins or baby bunnies. It releases our potential, reaches across the world as easily as I reach across and greet a friend , I imagine. Those beeping, buzzing signals that come through the phone line contain pictures, information and programs that enrich our lives. It is a shame that the beeping and buzzing happens all the time - perhaps the phone is faulty.

Anyway I am Alec Wonder, the Wonder-ful Business Consultant, helping businesses become Wonder-fuelled companies. I have worked with some of the biggest and smallest companies - I can turn a massive monolith into a small, manageable company. My qualifications? I was head of research and development at Crabbers Meat Renderers.I was responsible for innovating the development of Doggie Mince – ‘preferred by the 3rd Dog’ (2 out of 3 dogs prefer the leading brand so we focussed on the third dog) and around the same time launched Mr Crunchy’s Meat Pies, sold in over 30 countries - according to the World Health Organisation who have been involved in trying to trace them all.

You can read all about my life and business ideas in my NEW book 'Just Go Go Go!' available now on through Amazon in print and on Kindle - whatever that means. I can also be twatted through Twitter and blagged on Blogger. Technology - wow! Buy my best-selling (for me) book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. See advertisement this page!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Book Signing - my day

Yesterday I spent an hour in Waterstones, Oxford Street signing books. Had to leave when security asked why I was defacing the stock. Oh well, that's the power of a uniform, baton and angry Alsation. It made me think about protecting your business. Do you know who is attacking your business from outside? From inside? Yes there are people who 'quit and stay', who switch off and do the minimum work within your company. They should really leave to let you get someone in place who actually wants to work. That's where my 'make them leave' program comes in, making life intolerable for staff so that they leave. No need to sack anyone ever again, no redundancy payments, just better staff! Read my book for more details on how to transform your workforce. See advertisement this page!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Who am I? What am I? - I am Alec Wonder

An enigma cloaked in a puzzle wrapped in a crossword” – my Analyst.

Who am I? Many have asked, some have tried to define me, most have failed. I am an enigma (which strangely is an anagram of ‘meaning’ – but with an ‘n’ missing). I go where others fear to tread, I see success hiding in failure, I see things others miss, I hear voices others ignore, where others fail to smell the scent of opportunity I smell strongly.

Yes I am a guru to many, a simple consultant to others, a business disciple preaching the words of the business gods and yet a heretic sacrificing many virgin ideas on the altar of innovation. I stand on the shoulders of giants, the heads of geniuses, and the toes of employees. I can be as hard as Italian marble, as heady as Italian wine, soft and pretentious as my Italian shoes – but I’m not actually Italian. I am not attracted to money and yet money is attracted to me. I am the fridge for magnetic ideas. I am the woolly bit of Velcro to businesses’ prickly half, I’ll stay stuck to you until you’re ripped off. I suck up the world’s best business skills like a giant vacuum, sort out the gems from the fluff and crumbs, and then set these gems into a business like a jeweller sets a diamond into a ring. I make a business sparkle.

I am modest, well educated (in fact I have two MBAs). I am the spark that ignites the gas industry, the whistle that sets public transport on the right tracks, the small deposit that accumulates into banking success, the smell in the finest perfume, I am the sprightly monkey in the corporate tree, the truffle pig of new ideas, the grease on the wheels of industry. I am Alec Wonder.