Friday, January 13, 2012

World Domination at Last!

My book Just Go, Go, Go! is available on lots of Amazons around the world. Wherever you are, you can be sure of being just a few days away from my great wisdom, delivered by a man in shorts carrying a big bag (mailman). In years gone by when my granny was young she had to walk to a book emporium to buy  such distilled wisdom (or steal it, as her diaries have revealed!!!!).

Anyway you can buy my book in print (in high calorific paper to assist burning), or as a Kindle file to enable you to stare at yet another screen, as if your life was not screen-based enough already. You can buy the book through these links at:
Why not buy multiple copies for friends and family - even your enemies! My co-author and personal guru Andrew Freeland will visit you personally to sign each copy (if you pay for flights and accommodation).

Anyway, don't delay buy my book and start to change the rest of your life. Your life will be divided into BAW (before Alec Wonder) and AAW (after Alec Wonder). I promise you a jolly good read and food for thought, to digest carefully and savour, tantalising your corporate taste buds and dwelling on the tongue of management before plunging into the bowels of business. What a joy!

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