Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just Go, Go, Go! and Buy My Book!

Amazing. Technology is a wonderful thing. It is the best thing on earth, apart from maybe dolphins or baby bunnies. It releases our potential, reaches across the world as easily as I reach across and greet a friend , I imagine. Those beeping, buzzing signals that come through the phone line contain pictures, information and programs that enrich our lives. It is a shame that the beeping and buzzing happens all the time - perhaps the phone is faulty.

Anyway I am Alec Wonder, the Wonder-ful Business Consultant, helping businesses become Wonder-fuelled companies. I have worked with some of the biggest and smallest companies - I can turn a massive monolith into a small, manageable company. My qualifications? I was head of research and development at Crabbers Meat Renderers.I was responsible for innovating the development of Doggie Mince – ‘preferred by the 3rd Dog’ (2 out of 3 dogs prefer the leading brand so we focussed on the third dog) and around the same time launched Mr Crunchy’s Meat Pies, sold in over 30 countries - according to the World Health Organisation who have been involved in trying to trace them all.

You can read all about my life and business ideas in my NEW book 'Just Go Go Go!' available now on through Amazon in print and on Kindle - whatever that means. I can also be twatted through Twitter and blagged on Blogger. Technology - wow! Buy my best-selling (for me) book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. See advertisement this page!!!